The Freaky Stuff


I want to start by saying this is not about religion or anyone’s special beliefs. This is about the WTF moments that you get that can’t be explained by logic. The following is how I see them. It is not meant to offend anyone. It is just for fun.
Being an empath, the freaky stuff has a tendency to follow me. What is an empath, you may be asking? Well, I learned so much about the subject I could seriously write a textbook about it. To save you that eye pain I found a Facebook meme that pretty much sums it up

Now, that we got that out of the way let me tell you about some of the highlighted freaky stuff that has happened to me in the past and some of the more recent.

When I was thirteen I had a Ouija board experience where I saw a spirit. It scared the crap out of me. I never saw one after that and never touched those things again. In my studies this past year I learned that was called clairvoyance.

I have heard my name being called several times. One time by a dead friend. In my studies I learned this was called clairaudience.

Later down the line I learned I had a very heightened intuition, unfortunately during my healing process I didn’t listen to it to it’s fullest. In my studies I learned this was called clairsentience. This is where the empath in me comes from. This ability is highly strong and made me who I became, the end of my first year of studies less than a week ago.

My dreams have come true a whole crap load of times. I can’t even count it. I guessed all of my kid’s genders and knew I was pregnant before the doctor even did. I have four kids and had one miscarriage. I also dreamed of future relationships when I had no intention of going out with the person I was dreaming, knew them, or even talked to them in years.

I’m known as the object finder in our household. I can find something even when I had no idea where it could possibly be. It is like objects just appear in front of me. I’ll give you an example: One day my mom lost her engagement ring. The whole household searched for it and could not find it. Days went by and nobody found it. I opened the refrigerator and “POOF” there it is sitting all pretty, like it was on display. I am not sure what this is called. I’m sure it has some kind of name. I just call it that thing I do or my super power, lol. Next stop: Missing socks :slight_smile:.

Then there is that Linkin Park thing from the Shadow of the Day video, where I saw Chester looking and reaching out towards the camera, and he wasn’t. That changed me into a better fan. I am still trying to figure this one out. (Update: I figured out what this meant. I completed my discovery and now it is time to embrace it)

I am an involuntary vegetarian, possibly a vegan. Just started this week. I developed some kind of intolerance to meat (All of it) and animal bi-products. Ummmm, I’m a meat and potatoes kind of girl. There is no medical explanation about this. I thought maybe it could be my mom’s cooking, but it’s happening with bi-products too. Than I thought of the empath ability. The only thing I changed this week was how often I listen to Linkin Park and I am doing some research on Chester, for a book I am writing. It is possible I am picking it up off of one of the band members. I still don’t know them very well outside of the actual music, does anyone know if one or all of them are vegetarian, vegan, or have a high sensitivity to meat, dairy, and/or eggs?

Ok, now tell me some of the freaky stuff that has happened to you.


This was supposed to be part of my main character’s book, but nobody participated. This is her bio basically.


With me I was in nursing class in P.R and they gave me a story to read about breast cancer about a boy with it that cancer doesn’t discriminate now for the story the boy will go and buy music at a music store and the girl working there sort of fell in love with him and she will put love notes wrapped with his CD which he did not open until one day he stop going in and she went to his house to later find out he died of cancer his mom show her his room and the CD were never open and start to open them in front of his mother the last note was why do you ignore me and ask me out already I started to cry in class no one of the girls cried except me I was the only guy in class I also walked out of class with the excuse something fell in my eyes.


Can’t see anyone cry because I start crying I can feel people emotions


@orlandotorres7 Wow, that’s a pretty interesting story.