The Girl and the Magic Box


This is the little story I wrote some time ago

Once upon a time there was a young girl. She was feeling lonely and she wanted to find some friends. One day she discovered a magic box, which could take her anywhere she wanted and she could talk with people from all over the world.
“Please, magic box, help me find a friend.” - she said.
Finding a friend was very easy. She was talking with people every single day, even when her parents told her that she was not supposed to use this magic box too often.
And the girl found a friend and their friendship was something magical, one in a million. But mostly they were talking inside the magic box and for the girl that was not enough.
“I want a friend who I can see often.” - said the girl.
And they were falling apart, each day more and more and one day the friendship was over.
The girl was sad, but the years passed by and she found some friends outside the magic box. She was still using it from time to time, but not that often as she used to.
And then one day, after few years she found another friend inside the magic box. They were almost the same, they liked the same stuff and they were living pretty close to each other. This friendship was few years long. They met up few times and they were talking every single day using the magic box.
For the girl talking inside the magic box was not enough. She wanted to see her friend also outside the magic box, but her friend said no.
This time the friendship ended within a second. One fight and it was over.
The girl cried and cried for days, weeks and months. She tried to get her friend back, but that was impossible. After this she was more careful while using the magic box.
After a while she found in a magic box a group of people who had the same interests as hers. On the beginning everything was fine, they had a good laugh and great talks.
And then the girl discovered that most of the time she had different opinion than the others and when she was telling her own opinion the others didn’t listen. She started to be scared of saying what she thinks and she followed the crowd.
But she wasn’t happy. She found herself crying a lot and because she cared a lot she was really sad. When she needed them they turned their backs on her.
And once again, they went their separate ways and the girl was getting more lonely than before.
The magic box had the answer this time. One big great day and the girl found people who were as crazy as she was, they understood her and she didn’t have to pretend. She had a lot of friends, a lot of fun and laugh and great times. For the first time in a long time she was happy. What was more important she met few people outside the magic box and that was just amazing.
The real life was hard for her and she started to drift away from them. She was sad and she needed them so badly, but in the same time she was pushing them away.
And then the people who she cared about who she looked up to left her. Even when they were talking to her she felt that it was not the same. She was lonely again.
She cried for days, she tried to pretend but she was cheating herself. She didn’t want to live in a lie. She wanted to find a place where she would belong.
The girl’s problem was she was too emotional, too fragile and every single bad situation was another drama.
She started to hate the magic box. It helped her a little but in the same time it was her curse.
“All I wanted was to find a friend.” - said the girl swallowing handful of sleeping pills.


I understand more now.
And I know it’s not enough, but you have online friends here.
Keep writing.
Here’s a question for you…
What are you going to do this year to find the type of friend you are looking for?
Also, you need a pet. If nothing else, they give you a reason to get up each day.
Hugs to you.


I need a pet. Right now I am trying to convince my boss to let me have a pet. I live in a care home so it’s hard. I asked my boss about a pony but he said “how are you going to get the pony upstairs?” and cut the topic. He obviously thought I was joking, but obviously I wasn’t. Silly man. I will be happy with a hamster. Or guinea pig.
I want someone to go out with. Not every day, but at least once a week or every two weeks. Someone to have regular meetups with. Just so I have something to look forward to.


Ass I’ve been summoned next door for a coffee. Pony??? I was thinking half that size… Like a dog…


think big or go home :smiley: i have no memory of how come the pony came up :smiley: i can’t have a dog, that is for sure. small like fish or hamster. i want to hug it.
ok, 2019, i am going to NZ. get day off we are going to party!


At this time we need the magic box, but we also need friends, family…
We are in the era of 2018 :slight_smile:
Have a nice year and please be with us :slight_smile: :+1:


Bunnies are cute. Fish are not very user friendly… You need something that is going to give you cuddles or kisses and make cute noises
2019 is booked in!


I agree with you having friends and family at lpunderground


:smiley: :grin: