The Gorge Pit Ticket for Sale



When I first bought my ticket for the Carnivores Tour at The Gorge, I thought I would be attending college in WA, but that has changed as I have committed to go to college in Chicago, which means I will be going to the Tinley Park show.

I know there are still pit tickets for The Gorge available on Live Nation, but I would appreciate it if I could get some money to help me buy my ticket for Tinley Park :slight_smile:

I am selling my ticket for what it says on the invoice, which is $121.30 (plus postage, which I have yet to calculate).

If anyone is interested in helping a fellow solider out, please post here or mail me. Thank you!


Best of luck to ya. I have to do seats again due to another ankle surgery. (Im in the cast in the M&G photo from the last Tacoma concert)


Do you still have this ticket for sale???


[quote=okanagangal]Do you still have this ticket for sale???
Yes I do!!!


Will email you!