The Hardest Part of Ending is (or 'art is pain')


of course, starting again.
Every year since I was twelve (so that’s fifteen or some odd years, I’m 27 now) I’ve done something small to celebrate CB’s birthday. After all, my birthday is only two days before his- we’re brothers in the cusp. (kudos to you if you get that)
This year, I went for something a little bigger. I have several chronic illnesses, one of which is destroying the mobility in my hands. So it’s been getting harder and harder to make my art- I’m a sculptor. Yesterday, I decided to change my direction- I’d been avoiding my larger scale projects because I was afraid, ashamed. My body hurts and I am facing the fact that I’ll never be able to do things I’ve wanted. But one of the many things CB left me with was more courage to fight. So I picked up the clay for a base and started. I haven’t made a single mask since before he died, but I’m going to begin again. My best is all I can do, and all I need to do.
If you want, my insta is elmorte_19 I don’t usually post directly LP things there, but they’re such a part of who I am that the influence is definitely there. Anyway, thanks for sitting through this long ass story. Thought I’d put it somewhere someone might understand it


Sorry to hear you have serious illness… don’t give up on your art, because you’re really skilled and I understood it’s part of your life… you’re part of this big family and we won’t leave you alone!hope you could find a cure for your pain…in the meantime stay strong!! And happy belated birthday! :sun_with_face: :muscle: :muscle:


Thank you! Means a lot.