The hardest part of ending


(1) the hardest part of ending, is starting again.


(2) the hardest part of ending? … is starting again.

on (1) he’d be saying that the hard part of ending a relationship is about to begin.

on (2) he’d be saying the hard part of ending one relationship, is starting all over again on a new one.

Which one is it?! Ahhhh! I know it’s not important, but oddly enough this question popped into my head the first time i heard the song.


It is 1 because 2 is not proper english.


i wrote it that way for emphasization [mrgreen]


My interpretation has always been 2.
Saying that the hardest part of ending something is having to start something new afterwards, from scratch. All the effort and time you put into the first thing doesn’t matter because you have to begin again.
^^ :]


As band stated much times before, it’s always up to you how to interpret lyrics of each song :slight_smile: