Did any of you guys buy the THE HUNDREDS v LINKIN PARK JACKET…I ordered mine in medium.

Whats your opinion on the design and quality of the jacket. Ofcourse, regarding the price I totally agree its very high. But, do you find this jacket exclusive ? Would love to hear your opinion


There’s some discussion on the items here, including the jacket

There’s also some price discussion here, about the collabs in general. and arguing: Mike laughs at us


@TripleXero i wont be buying any of those items failed to take off


Cool? Thanks for the update on that. I didn’t buy any of them either


who they kiding $120 dollars before shipping for LP plastic jacket


i got the LPU 15 Skate deck and also have on order the hybrid theory skated deck way better than XVLP flop itmes


You’re paying for the brand. You’re paying the name. It was expected all of these items would be expensive. They weren’t for the average fan, hence why they didn’t sell well.

It’s really up to each person individually and their taste. Others wanted those limited items, others got the skate decks. Everyone’s happy in the end.

#8 wonder if this is true or false


Received that email about it that day.


@samuel_the_leader I GOT THIS ON ORDER