The Hunting Party - Listening Session: You get an invite?


I keep refreshing my e-mail hoping that one will pop through. Who of you gets to go? Congratulations!


I haven’t heard of anyone getting the email. Hopefully they meant 6pm Eastern time… lol anyhow good luck to all of us if that was the case.


it was so dope


Anyone here that went… can you tell us that were not able to go what the album was like? Heavy? Lots of screaming?


The album kicks ass , more like the 1st two , starts out with 3 or 4 songs that dont stop , heavy in your face , then a lil more of mix for the rest of the album but no pussified songs , this is a good album and cant wait to play it again and again[quote=Corey Lopez]it was so dope


Thanks to Lorenzo and Lulu , it was a great event of course huge thanks to Mike and Brad for taking the time and sharing a couple of hours with us , way too cool , love you guys ! The album is awesome , I cant wait to DL it as I have it on order , way more heavy and in your face like Given Up stuff , Brad shreds on the guitar , a real guitar solo ! They are both super guys and signed these Posters they gave us plus the fact that we were treated to tons of beer, wine and great food, one of the best experiences ever !! I cant believe I was one of maybe 25 LPU members , so freaking lucky we were !


I would just like to know one thing… what is the heaviest song on the album overall?


the 1st three are all heavy , I like the 3rd one (I think it is ) where Brad shreds on it ,his best guitar solo on an album. It just starts out with Blam in your face and continues on for a few songs , very good = )


Is Drawbar (feat. Tom Morello) an instrumental track?


Congratulations to all who can go)


I was at the listening party in Brussels yesterday. Yes Drawbar is an instrumental track.