The hunting party tour canceled


Do you guys think LP will reschedule the shows they cancelled on The Hunting Party tour??


I think they will. They’ve disappointed fans and themselves. Not to mention a lot of executives and companies involved in the money sides of things want this to happen


Soon we will know, they are 15 shows to be rescheduled, and do not know how this their agenda for the second half of the year.


Not sure how they will work it. Got an email from our venue saying they are refunding our $$ back to our card so, yeah, I am pretty bummed out


hopefully :relaxed:


Reschedule the whole tour, that way I can go again!


Don’t think so but I hope


Hello, they did not disappoint anyone, Chester broke his ankle and had to get surgery… and so they had to cancel the tour. Do you have no respect at all? When he broke his wrist, he along with his friends continued the concert because Chester could work through it. You might not be aware of this, because you might be an alien, but people use their legs to walk, and the doctor might have told Chester, that a tour might not have been in his best of interest right now, that he should heal. I am probably sure they are going to one day, continue the concert, and people got their money back, and like they did when there was a concert that was canceled, those people got a free concert. So yes, if that’s all you are worried about, not being able to go to a concert instead of the well being of a person who plays a big part of concert, then you need to get a reality check. :slight_smile:


I didn’t mean disappoint as in an on-purpose thing. relax. I know these things happen & health comes first
What I meant by what I said was a lot of people on all sides wanted this and that means a lot to the band so i’m sure they will reschedule something.
I’ve been a fan since 1999 so i’m the last person that wouldn’t give a $hit about them


Alright, good human bean.


Are there any updates? Any new plans for a potentially rescheduled tour?


mike said in the chat that there are no plans as of right now to reschedule the hunting party tour because they already have plans for the rest of the year that will be annouced soon and they didnt want to reschedule so far ahead. he did say though that new tour annoucements for the rest of the year will be coming soon.


Well at least it’s something. I remember being super bummed out when they cancelled the tour.


I believe the band would love to but due to their upcoming agenda, they seem to be fully scheduled. Hopefully though, maybe they will get a chance to after all the events.