The Hunting Party





Love it!!
Rebellion is also good too


Since they set it free on iTunes I hear it up and down. Its so awesome. The lyrics really going deep. And maybe it is the best Album for me until now. Of course all of them are awesome. But this new kicks Asses^^ especially Rebellion and Final Mascarade :slight_smile:
Tanks for this awesome Record Linkin Park


This album is probably the most played album that I have got in 2014! I’ve waited such a long time for something like this to come back! Some people like me love nu-metal and hopefully nu-metal and also rapcore can make a comeback because that is a genre of rock I like and grew up with. When looking at some other rock bands out there, how do they even class themselves as ‘rock’ when they don’t even use guitars??? But this album is the real modern rock of the 2010s in my opinion, I wanna hear more rapping, screaming, distorted guitars! Linkin park rocks and hope that this new album makes a success!


I’m listening to it now. Loving some of the tracks, but I think I’ll need multiple listens. Still a shock to my system when it changes style so drastically with each album!


I don’t have the album CD yet but I am listening to THP in Spotify since few days. The songs are really good and I love them. Especially Keys to the Kingdom, GATS, Wastelands, Final Masquerade and Rebellion are my favourite.


I think its a wonderful album!
For me it connects where Meteora ended. (maybe a mix between meteora and MTM?)
As for me, i like it very much and its not hard to say that it is on the first place with meteora for favourite albums.


I purchased the album at 10AM this morning and have been listening to it non-stop at work. I can clearly give you my top 5 songs:

  1. Final Masquerade
  2. A Line in the Sand
  3. Until It’s Gone
  4. Wastelands
  5. Rebellion

Honorable Mention to Guilty All the Same…I know it will be SO MUCH better when Mike raps Rakims’ lines this Summer. I’m SO stoked to see the guys AGAIN this August [biggrin]


I have to be honest. It still isn’t classic LP. Definitely not HT like they said. It’s like Meteora with ATH with extra Victimized in most songs. I think that it’s trying to hard to be good and thus doesn’t actually know what it is. It’s a weird punk hybrid that just isn’t too LP.

Don’t get me wrong, the songs are great but a couple could be more tuneful. And as usual I’m the only one complaining about the mixing. But that’s the thing with newer generations like mine. We don’t know true sound quality however I’m lucky enough to have a fair audio setup which is half budget half not.


It’s a solid record. I adored Thousand Sun and loathed Living Things. For me it is the best of their more classic rock sensibilities with the more delicate writing they do now. I do however miss the emotive writing. I think the activist lyrics they write now are good, to a certain point. I “feel” less with LP now. You know? They don’t pull on yur heart strings and make you feel comforted like on Hybird/Meteroa/M2M…and that’s ok, but I miss it.

Top song: All For Nothing
Runner Up: Rebellion


Actually I wanted to list my most loved songs here. But than I realized, that I was about to name almost EVERY song, haha. So, this is a very good rock album!!! Guilty All The Same is outstanding and I also love the diversity of A Line In The Sand. Rebellion is a perfect song, to nod your head all the time :slight_smile: Even the short instrumental Drawbar is cool. It’s the perfect beginning for a Final Masquerade. Although I think, this song could take more "spice.

That is the LP record, I waited for! Thankfully they didn’t wen’t further in the electronic pop direktion.


It’s definitely a grower: cannot decide between rebellion, final masquerade and wastelands!


I think THP has the potential to be one of there best works so far I just love it : )


It’s a fantastic album! Linkin Park never disappoints!


I am listening to it right now. I still have to finish it and I think that I need to listen to all the songs more than once. I love Rebellion and Until it’s gone.


My favorite song is A Line in the Sand!
I like the intro and when mike starts to sing.

I think THP is something between meteora and living things… and i love it!! :wink:


I honestly think its their best album yet, ive loved them all from HT to LT but THP really is a mixture of them all and it really leaves you stunned, fantastic album!


The Hunting Party was basically the answer to my prayers. I actually got interested in Linkin Park because of this album. I listened to a lot of music this past year and I noticed that a lot of bands of different genres used a lot of electronic features in their newer music, and I really don’t like electronic music because of its artificiality. This made me worried about the music of the future, but everything changed when The Hunting Party arrived. Because of this album, I know that it’s possible for a rock band to go back to their harder sounding music. I just want to say thank you to Linkin Park for creating this album. They noticed that today’s rock music is sounding too soft and they did something about it. It’s actually weird to think that this album was made in 2014 because of how hard it sounds. Linkin Park didn’t just make an awesome album, they made another fan. Heres to the Hunting Party! I hope that they make more music like this in the future!


The Best Song from THE HUNTING PARTY is : UNTIL IT’S GONE and REBELLION in my opinion who agree with me ?


I was immensely surprised with the new album, I always expect something great from LP, but it was simply EXCEPTIONAL. Every song in the cd was fantastic (with the exception of Drawbar, it was just good.) Recommend this new cd to everyone [biggrin]