The hunting party


As The Hunting Party release approaches tonight at midnight, I thought I’d give y’all my opinion of the new album since I’ve heard it on iTunes Radio, and give my edited ranking of all their studio albums like I said in my previous post, so let’s get started

2.A Thousand Suns
4.Hybrid Theory
5.The Hunting Party
6.Minutes to Midnight

I was pleasantly surprised with the Hunting Party, I liked how LP had made that decision to change directions to show the world how rock should be. I was a little scared it would all just be aggro, but it’s still LINKIN PARK, so it was done very well. It’s has elements that just reminds you of 90’s music but with a little LP twist.

My only complaint, I liked all the guest collaborations, especially rebellion, but I just wish they weren’t part of their proper main studio album. And although I’ve read the background story with Drawbar, I was a little disappointed. The song is a pretty cool and interesting instrumental and I liked it for what it is, just not what I was excepted with Tom Morello.

Overall the album kicks ass, I mean it’s LINKIN PARK after all, they never disappoint me. The Hunting Party is almost on the same level as Hybrid Theory, and I think the statement LP was trying to make was well said, just not my favorite creation from them, but it is hard to rank their albums, they’re all amazing. Any ways LINKIN PARK continues to be my favorite band ever, release after release.