The Kidnapping game


Fine then, I am not on Batman’s side, I take Jen from you just because I can, you can have a unicorn in her place.


Read there



That’s different. Well, Jen it was a pleasure meeting you. Have fun and be careful with these guys.

Thanks, but I was thinking in kidnap you.


Enjoy your :unicorn: as well, framos will never get her now! :star_struck::smirk:


Ok well I offer mike a new piano so he comes with me and just because he’s passing by I ask Tom hardy to come over too! My Mike and Tom!! :yum:


So I still have Rob, Brad, Joe and Phoenix! :grin: My half LP band! :grin:


You are going to sleep and they will be alone. I’m still up, so I’ll take care of them.

My half band :wink:


Ok i ask Brad to come along as i need to tutor for the guitar!! My Brad!


I ask Rob B. to watch Whiplash with. He agrees and we get pita bread with hummus to snack on.

My Rob!


Ok then I ask rob to join as you need a good beat for a song…My Rob!!


Since this is a mess and I don’t know who have who, I call all the band to meet us in a secret place. My band!


:thinking: I’ve been thinking :thinking:
I believe I will kidnap @Lilyope, @lpfan61, @chigokurosaki, @IronSoldier16, @alz89, @melisLP, @StephLP18, @gatsie, the band, and jen but @chigokurosaki can be friends with her
Thread might as well get closed :thinking::smiley::grin::rofl:


you can kidnap me if you kid nap me with pat


:joy: of course! @theearlywalker also gets kidnapped by me :smiling_imp: and her daughter :thinking::grin:
I’m a serial kidnapper muahahaha :bat::bat::bat:


Do you have enough food/cookies/lollipops/coffee for us all?? You know I’m hungry… :joy: :blush:


Aaaahhhhh :flushed::confused::confused::speak_no_evil: I did not foresee this problem :thinking::crazy_face:

We can go take over a warehouse store (Costco) and be supplied by it for ages :crazy_face: we have many superheroes among us :smiling_imp::sweat_smile:

And you couldn’t have possibly finished all of your brothers’ cookies! :scream::scream::scream::scream:


:joy::joy::joy:Hahaha you guys - I kidnap you alltogether with Mike and the guys and bring us to Mimosa Island by airplane :airplane:


Yaaay! :grin:

Ah no, I still have… some… :joy: :joy: :rofl:
Jk jk I have for now… :grin:


What about the unicorns…not to eat though!!!


Lol, what makes you think I want to be more than that? :stuck_out_tongue: that’s fine with me bro