The Kidnapping game


Lol what’s wrong with friends? That’s all I meant haha


Nothing is wrong with it, I thought you were trying to imply something more. :sweat_smile:


:thinking: maybe you were hoping I was implying more hehe


No bro, sure she is amazing, but I don’t think of her in that way.


Haha yeah… she’s definitely a very cool girl :thinking: and like you said…a straight edge :astonished::neutral_face::pensive::innocent:


At least we don’t harass her like what Mike and Rob get here :joy:


Yeah…on that topic…my jen…maybe she will enjoy the fight with me :grin:

My jen


And kick your butt at the same time :joy:

You can have her anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol why would she kick my butt? :grin:
I mean she knows how to box, doesn’t mean she’d want to beat me up, I’m too sweet :roll_eyes::grimacing::joy:
And thank you :grin:


Are you sure?:upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I will take the best female singer anyway :sunglasses:


Positive :upside_down_face: shoot, she’d be the one looking at me like​:star_struck:

Ahhh I’ll argue with you to the end on that, jen has a more melodic voice and I personally like that :grin:


Your onion brain is making you delusional again :joy:

But still, second best, sorry bro :sunglasses: Ariel’s voice is angelic!


Lol yeah… one can dream haha

Not as angelic as jen’s!!! AND she plays at the same time!


Ariel plays keyboard as well thank you very much :sunglasses: Plus her lyrics remind me so much of LP, they have been a big inspiration for her. So it only makes since for me that her and Chester are my favorites.


That’s fine for you but it’s





:unamused: no, just no


Ummm…yes :unamused: not even discussion…and purple is so much more badass and playing drums is way more attractive and having angelic melodic voice is so much better and having that wonderful accent is the cherry on top so :raised_hand:t3: Zip it case closed period finite acabado done thank you very much :sunglasses: lawyered


This is not open for discussion, Ariel can easily beat Jen at singing bro. But once again, its what’s on the inside that counts, and she definitely has the heart. Plus, not to brag, but she has an inspirational book as well as amazing music. I really hope to meet her one day.


:thinking: So Bat @framos1792 and Dead @chigokurosaki like weird coloured hair ladies… :crazy_face: :grin:


Hey! They are allowed to have whatever color hair they want. :stuck_out_tongue::sunglasses: Besides, as I said, its what’s on the inside that’s important, not the outside. I care about what’s in the heart and soul myself, not what you look like or what you don’t, this doesn’t really matter, people only think it does.