The Kidnapping game


This is all great, but I just offered Mike to eat fresh fish in Indonesia and he’s leaving with me. So my Mike.


I am so sorry dont want be a nasty😐
Just to busy, ok?I kidnapp Mike right heer
In Offenbach, this night was just perfekt
&People you no what Linkin park Armee
Just fucking awesome​:heart::kiss::heart:


If only Mike ran things here :joy:


I thanks so much for direct translator, so I
Get much easyer things to understand,
I love you all​:heart::kiss::heart:


Where are you from? Do you speak English?


I come from Kroatia but my live point are germany/Hagen /NRW
I am not good with english words
Now i can real good understand what about
Complitely group talk
But still write english


Ahh, ok, there are a few Germans on here, plus others from around the world, but in other news, welcome to the LPU. Everyone on here is nice and welcoming, plus a little crazy, but that’s another story lol.


That absolutely okay👊
Thanks so much
That life, we are free


Well I’m tweeting loads to get MIUAIG on the radio and I’ve got 3 likes from him over a day…so he’s happy with me and he comes over and we go out to celebrate so My Mike!!! :yum:


I bought scotch tape for helping Mike to fix the ripped poster of the video MIUAIG. He will be so thankful so… my Mike! :grin:


Don’t worry for that :slight_smile: let’s move on :wink:


Well will be done :facepunch:


I’ve been tweeting all the radio stations to get MIUAIG played so Mike wants to congratulate me so he pops over to mine…My Mike!!


I explain to mike how all you girls are trying to kidnap him and make Anna disappear :crazy_face: so we become bros again and we head out to visit rob, my mike at rob’s house so my rob too :triumph:


Spoil sport!! Haha! Well I give Mike and Rob unicorn biscuits so My Mike and Rob!!


No no no NO!! I give them rainbow Oreos so MY Mike and MY Rob!!!


Mike and rob are offended that you make them feel like you’re giving them unicorn food like if they’re animals (even if they’re majestic) :triumph:
So they go with @lpfan61 apparently :crazy_face:
Grandma please keep them hidden :triumph::grin:


Safe & sound with me! :heart_eyes:


Totally unfair!!! Ok I give them marshmallows so they come with me! My Mike and Rob


Mike and rob dislike marshmallows so they stay with my grandma :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: