The Kidnapping game


Nooooo!! I give him pizza with :pineapple: on which I love too and he stays with me forever!! My Mike!!


So Rob is still with me… muahahaha… :smirk: :heart_eyes:


Though I like it too, mike dislikes it and is still freaked out by your freakiness in the other thread so he stays with my innocent grandma :joy:


Ok so I offer him a new fancy keyboard and he teaches me some new songs…My Mike!!


Again… I have Rob all to myself… :joy: :heart_eyes:


I offer rob the bat mobile and he agrees, my rob until grandma helps me as she should! :triumph:


I help!!! What do you need? :blush:


Steal mike too and rob is yours :relieved:


I offer Mike to try the ketchup, so he comes to my side and MY Mike!! :grin:


I offer Mike a life time supply of ketchup and he comes over with some chips (fries to you guys) so My Mike!!


I tell Rob I need his help changing a drum head and to nail down a beat. He comes over. My Rob!


:speak_no_evil: I lost both… :sob:


I offer mike and rob a solution to continue LP
They are intrigued and come with me, my mike and my rob! :grin:


I offer them both to come and join me in my dreams…My Mike and Rob!


They were so mad at you for saying their favorite superhero Batman was imaginary so they came with Batman just to prove you wrong
My mike my rob :sunglasses::bat:


I said to them that they don’t need Batman…but they need Iron man with a proper suit and they follow me…My Mike and Rob!


I convince them they really need a bat swinging crazy woman. They come with me. My Rob and Mike.


All fear the crazy bat lady :crazy_face:


Better than crazy cat lady :stuck_out_tongue::joy:


The cats do the work for you though, you can just sit back and watch