The Kidnapping game


Maybe she trained Bats to handle the bats :bat: I gave her some on loan lol

I sense alliances forming :stuck_out_tongue:


But @lpfan61 is still on my side over you, even though she claims to be “neutral” :sunglasses:


I like this idea.

Edit: wait, since when does Batman share the Bats? I sense you’re up to something.


My partner is out atm, so I’ll just wait for his return :sunglasses:

Meanwhile I take everyone’s favorites, Mike, Rob, and Jen, and drop them off at a secret location no one knows of.


I find the secret location and bribe everyone with a nice hot chocolate. They come with me and we all play on the PS4. My Mike, Rob, Jen plus I invite Brad and Dave!!


I call the police to arrest you all for how you act with the guys. Be happy in the prison while I take them to their house with their families :stuck_out_tongue:

We start to walk. In the meantime, my brothers :wink:


Well if you don’t want Jen, then I’ll take her, you can have the others


Sorry, but you are in prison too :stuck_out_tongue: she already called her family


:joy: I did nothing wrong, that would be @framos1792 arrest him


Wasn’t enough to let the others steal them?!


At least we don’t feel lonely and can have fun together! :joy: :joy: :heart_eyes:


With Santa there, that sounds creepy :frowning:



:thinking: Why Santa??


@framos1792 is Santa now :wink:


:scream: From when??how???


Jajaja I’m bothering him. He said something about him, and I started to calle him Santa jaja, see the chat room.


I’m notttt Santa! :triumph:

Or if I am then at least I’m cool Santa from rise of the guardians :roll_eyes:


No, you are his elf :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Let’s continue this in the Chat room, ok?


Thanks for the warm welcome…and yes, I was aware of Florence But I live in Florida (or as some like to call it, Lower Alabama).So, yeah…No he’s still MY MIKE!! No other reasons needed…


I offer Mike and Brad their Christmas present early so they come with me and we go chill on holiday! My Mike and Brad!