The Kidnapping game


:thinking: first ironing pants…now sewing?? :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow: This is worrying :joy::joy::joy::yum:

While lilyope laughs and sews Mike’s pants, I take him away and go visit snowy mountains as punishment for not wearing pants :joy: my mike


We usually say to me that i’m marriageable :thinking::joy:

How can you kidnap him from meeeee :sob::sob::sob:
I thought you were on my side :scream:
So I come to Mike with lots of warm clothes and a blanket for warming him up. Now my Mike!!!


:joy::joy::joy: good point but you can’t just be taking people’s pants like that :joy:

And I aaam on your side :grimacing: mike is being a bad influence that’s why :innocent::joy::yum:

Mike is now worried that you didn’t return his pants so he wants to run away and leaves with me! My mike!


I didn’t think like that :scream::scream::scream::joy: He had other pants when it happened!


Ok so Im seeing Mike on 10th March in London so im kidnapping him then…i will then see him in Prague on March 19…so if i loose him in between then i can then re kidnap him back!!


Cool! :heart_eyes::smiley: Tell me once when you do!


@framos1792 any luck this time with Mike? :laughing:


im also stealing him in Berlin as well…no one has a chance!! hahaha


:joy: I was trying to not let his hand go but he and Ed overpowered me and he got over the crowd before I could truly steal him :roll_eyes::grimacing:


Fail…it’s ok…watch the master at work soon!! Hahaha


Since I don’t know who was the last one, I’ll kidnap everyone and put you all in a basement. Have fun :stuck_out_tongue:


wow since its been last year…im sure mikes escaped and is at home so i track him down and offer him lots of gadgets and we go to the cinema! hahaha:rofl::rofl:

I forgot…MY MIKE!!!


Love Icon For Hire :heart_eyes: Ariel’s voice is so good! Shawn is very talented too!


:star_struck: Finally another fan of them is on here! Lol, I’m excited about this I can’t help it. I’ve said it before, Ariel’s voice really is just angelic, its just wow every time you hear it. I especially love YCKU and the new acoustic album as well.


Ahem ahem
JEN :relieved:


She’s still my second favorite. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good because she’s my first favorite and you can’t be the same :rage::stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, someone’s the jealous type. :joy:


:unamused: noooo :unamused:


Liar! (We need Agus here :rofl:)