The Kidnapping game


You think she will go with you after putting her in a bag?! :stuck_out_tongue::joy:

I go to Iron man’s house and burn it to the ground, but not before taking his suits and keeping them for myself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So in the end I kidnapped all your suits, you have but only one now.


She know how I am, so she can hate me, but no kill me :stuck_out_tongue:

D*mn dude! That hit was worse that I thought!

You are in the hole yet, onion!!

And… As you don’t explain me the previous thing, I still with my dear sister and MY band watching the movie.

PD: hurry! Unicorns are :poop: in the hole where you are.


I don’t hate nor kill you… just :unamused: to be put in a bag… :frowning: me?in a bag? Alone?in a forest? :frowning:

Thank you @chigokurosaki !!! I bring the band and you to the cinema instead that going with irononion… :smirk:


Thank you :hugs::yellow_heart::blue_heart::heavy_heart_exclamation::revolving_hearts::gift_heart: you see iron onion, she even called you onion before me. :sunglasses:


I kidnap Mike and Brad and we jam away…


I have to accept the true:
Yes and yes :confused:

You weren’t alone! The unicors were there, the band was there and I was there! Also Deadpool :wink:

But! :disappointed_relieved: you said you don’t hate me! :confounded: then why do you leave me alone?!

Well coming back to the game:
Since this is the Kidnapping game… I Kidnap @chigokurosaki and put in him in a freezer. Since Mike and Brad are with @alz89, I take Dave and Joe away from my sister. Ahh and Rob escapes to meet @melisLP.

My members band! (Dave and Joe) :stuck_out_tongue:


Yay!! Thanks @IronSoldier16 :hugs: Rob gets a healthy green smoothie!


I’m being greedy and want Joe and Dave to join too so we can have a better jam! My Joe and Dave!!


They can stay with you, BUT! There is only thing you need to do: give Mike to me :smiling_imp: my Mike


You guys aren’t very good at sharing :sweat_smile::joy:


Mike wurde schon längst entführt
Ihr habt es gar nicht mehr mitgekriegt :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Only English please :slight_smile: I didn’t understand you.


Perhaps I should add more to the German thread :joy:


OT: And I should update the Spanish one :sweat_smile:


In which case maybe you should be more lenient to people that post in other languages :roll_eyes:
We’ve injected Spanish and german yet picking and choosing when others can and can’t :upside_down_face:
A little google translate doesn’t hurt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, but in the last letter game or the last post. Also we indicate the translate of our words.

Ok… A solution could be that @ivanar5845 put in () the translate.

I wouldn’t trust in that sh*t, more if you don’t know what you want to say :no_mouth:


Yeah whatever works I just meant to mention it a while back, I’d hate to see the forum cool off from being the welcoming international community that it is :upside_down_face:


I personally don’t care what any of you “claim” to do with him…I win because I’m an old fan and I live on the beach…I will take him sailing and deep sea fishing into the sunset and together he’ll tell me the “things we don’t know” ~ My Mike!


Ahhh I’m so sorry :roll_eyes: you must have missed the news cast that Florence will be a hurricane :roll_eyes::grimacing: mike does not want to deal with that storm so I invite him to sunny northern ca and we go on a road trip out in the sticks where we cannot be located and just chill like bros :upside_down_face:

Ps nice to meet you! I hadn’t seen you around so though you’ve been a member for a while, here’s an official welcome to the LPU! At least the forum parts of it :grin: I know we’re madness sometimes but we hope to get to know you a bit! :slightly_smiling_face: enjoy yourself and hop in all over the place!

Unfortunately…along with my welcome…for the reasons above…:roll_eyes: MY MIKE :crazy_face:


TYVM for such a warm welcome, I’ve been a member since shortly after Chester passed but as I said (I’m old) so I almost forgot how to navigate around a forum lol (I’ll try to do better)…Yes, I’m very well aware of Florence, however I just survived Gordon (in the Panhandle of Florida) so that particular storm and those that are following won’t likely affect me. THAT’S why I’m going to Kidnap him and sail away into the sunset just to talk and reminisce about “those things We don’t know”. Truth is, when the news flashed on my timeline…I’m embarrased to say “who’s that?” One can only imagine the look on my face when I discovered he was front man to one of my favorite bands!!! They booked close to my city some years back (Pensacola Civic Center) then cancelled last minute. I’ll never forget how hard my heart sank when that happened. So, I’ve been busy researching the past year Everything Linkin Park and I ADMIRE Mike for having the courage to stand back up and move on…(I hope the other’s follow suit soon too). I’ve watched every festival, and concert that Lorenzo puts on you tube as well as what some of the fans are posting and I haven’t the words to describe the Pride I have for him and how he’s sharing his grief with all of us by engaging Everyone in Chester’s Parts. So, for all those reason’s listed above, I’m claiming dibs on him. If you need more reasons, I’ve certainly got alot to tell…let’s just say the 60’s/70’s were VERY good to me!! Ha!