The Kidnapping game


Welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok so i saw Mike looking lost so i offered him some of my :unicorn: and he came home with me…My Mike!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And welcome @mommat54 to the best thread!!


While Mike is on your unicorn it suddenly changes way and comes to me that I was listening to Mike’s music (and everyone knows unicorns are attracted from good music :crazy_face:) and Mike and me sing along until the sun goes down then we walk to his home, share our phone number and hug each others and say “see you soon!”.

Don’t ruin me this it sounds like an awesome happy ending! :heart:


I won’t ruin it, I just will take advantage of the circumstances:

Then he remembers that he wants a new phone for Anna, so he goes out and I close to him offering my services and company, he accepts and together we have a wonderful day! He come back to his house happy and excited to spend another day with me :blush:

As you can see, he was mine for a moment, and know he is safe :wink:


TYVM for such a warm welcome, I’ve been a member since shortly after Chester passed but as I said (I’m old) so I almost forgot how to navigate around a forum lol (I’ll try to do better)…Yes, I’m very well aware of Florence, however I just survived Gordon (in the Panhandle of Florida) so that particular storm and those that are following won’t likely affect me. THAT’S why I’m going to Kidnap him and sail away into the sunset just to talk and reminisce about “those things We don’t know”. Truth is, when the news flashed on my timeline…I’m embarrased to say “who’s that?” One can only imagine the look on my face when I discovered he was front man to one of my favorite bands!!! They booked close to my city some years back (Pensacola Civic Center) then cancelled last minute. I’ll never forget how hard my heart sank when that happened. So, I’ve been busy researching the past year Everything Linkin Park and I ADMIRE Mike for having the courage to stand back up and move on…(I hope the other’s follow suit soon too). I’ve watched every festival, and concert that Lorenzo puts on you tube as well as what some of the fans are posting and I haven’t the words to describe the Pride I have for him and how he’s sharing his grief with all of us by engaging Everyone in Chester’s Parts. So, for all those reason’s listed above, I’m claiming dibs on him. If you need more reasons, I’ve certainly got alot to tell…let’s just say the 60’s/70’s were VERY good to me!! Ha!


(But he’s leaving with ME - MY MIKE)


Welcome and nice to meet you!! :sun_with_face: :smile:

:thinking: I let you have Mike just a lil more… :blush:


I haven’t gotten my hands on him yet, I’ll let you know when I do…lol


Alright guys but remember that I have his mobile phone number :smirk: I don’t need to kidnap @alz89 unicorn anymore


I think Mike would laugh his ass off if he seen this thread.


Or calling the police haha


He doesn’t know where we live :upside_down_face:


You sure?? I gave him my address, number, all on that “50 people” thing…
:thinking: What if it was a trap for this thread?? :joy:


Gansta granny and her unicorns can handle the police :smirk:


Yeah! :joy: :joy: :crazy_face:

Aaaand then…she ended in lunatic jail… :joy:


We will join you soon enough :joy:


Yaaaaaay!! The Lunatic Park Asylum! :joy: :joy:


Everyone needs to kidnap a unicorn as well!!

I take Mike to the funfair and i ask Brad to come as well… My Mike and Brad!!


We can kidnap anyone we want and you guys still only want LP. :upside_down_face:


OF COURSEEE!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart:


I’m laughing so hard imagining Mike reading this.
I create my own flannel, with Boris painted on it. Mike sees it and is impressed. We eat Reeses peanut butter cups. My Mike.