The Kidnapping game


:thinking: I create a charity concert in mars, invite all the kidnapees-it’s so out of this world that I’m able to kidnap them all in my batspaceship :smiling_imp:
My mike my brad my rob my joe my Dave my jen :heart_eyes::innocent:


I follow you, I hit you with a bat and I recover everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

My band :wink:


How you follow me if I’m on my batspaceship? :thinking:
So nope
My band AND my jen

Ohhhh wait :thinking::thinking: you said you took your band :thinking: but not jen :thinking::sweat_smile::no_mouth:

Nahhh you didnt have a spaceship so they’re all mine :triumph:


I’m not sorry to ruin out your “dreams” but nobody had a spaceship, so nobody was there, thus you don’t have anything :stuck_out_tongue: No band, no Jen, no nothing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m batman :triumph: batman has his scuttler :triumph: batman has my band and my jen :triumph:


:rofl: I’m off of likes :joy I. O. U. one.

He’s death. You don’t have anything :stuck_out_tongue:


Baghhhh batman doesn’t die :roll_eyes: even at end of trilli :roll_eyes:



throws a table

Stay with you band!

I kidnap Jen and I dig a big hole around us. ( And it doesn’t matter what, Batman is the only person who can’t reach us :stuck_out_tongue: also any other who helps him :smiling_imp:)

My Jen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:scream::scream::scream::scream: I’ll trade you the band for jen :thinking::triumph:


Nop, stay with your band :stuck_out_tongue:


I kindnap shakira :roll_eyes:
She’s all yours just give me jen :triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:


Jajaja stay with her too :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t care her! Just Jen :wink:


Why did Jen have to get dragged into this :upside_down_face:


You guys can have Jen…
I’m going to kidnap the band… MY LP band!! :heart: :heart_eyes: :heart:


How about you kidnap my jen and then I’ll trade you my band for my jen? :relieved: the band is on mars :smiling_imp: so they’re still with me and f you want them you need my help :smirk_cat:


No prob!!going to kidnap Jen, giving her to you and receiving my LP band!! :heart: :heart_eyes: :grin:


Wahoo! Here you go :smiley:
My jennnnn :star_struck:


Yaaaay!! MY LP band! :blush: :hugs: :heart: perfect!


I am sorry, but this is a direct violation to the rule I set before. :point_down:

In consequence, Jen is still here with me. Also I am not doing anything bad to her, I’m just taking care of her.

The “hero” should ask that.


You said i couldn’t get her that’s why grandma got her for me! :triumph: