The Last Post Thread


Well then. Time for yet another random useless game. This one is very easy and everybody can join in whenever they like!

There’s only 1 rule: Whoever has the last post wins.

So… Who is gonna win this? Will it be me? Will it be you?


By “last post”, do you mean the 10K? If yes, do you realise the forums will burn?


Also what’s stopping me from dropping another judgement day attack? :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s the point of this game


I don’t really get the point of it either. :joy:


Well yeah 10k would be interesting. The game doesn’t have to make sense. Just curious to see where it will end. If it will end :stuck_out_tongue: Or if it might go on and on, my friend :rofl:


So basically you post weird stuff is the point until it gets close


Post whatever you like.


Puppies and kittens and everything fluffy.


Are you @intheend ?? :grin:




It’s all ok I still don’t really get it


Intriguing game :thinking: but I don’t really understand yet lol


You know what guys me too still didn’t get it loool :joy:


But it is so simple! :laughing:


Must resist the urge to spam.


That’s what I don’t understand…what does it mean to post what we want? :thinking: spams thread?


Well the only goal is to be the last one to post. How you accomplish this is… Up to you :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t say things like that. A bell cannot be unrung.


Let the bells ring wherever they are.