The last time I


Yesterday, in the supermarket.

LTI talked with an animal?


Yesterday with my reptiles

Last time you were shopping


Yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:

LTI actually enjoyed the day.


Many a moon ago.

LTI wasn’t annoyed at something?


I don’t remember.

LTI ate something made for myself?



LTI sang


Today. Given Up. Don’t ask why, I don’t even know XD

The Last Time I stole a cookie?


Rn about to :joy:

Was ok with myself?


Less that 12 hours ago.

The last time I yelled?


Can’t remember tbh

Last time I felt at ease



Lti ate pizza


2 weeks ago

LTI watched a silent movie


I don’t get it.



Tlt you didn’t get it?


According the forum hour: 3 days ago lol.

The last time you cried for a character? (It doesn’t matter the area)


Two weeks ago. Infinity War Spider-Man

Last time I went out for dinner?


2 days ago.

TLT I drew something?


About a month ago. I should draw more!

The last time I went swimming?


Years ago!

LTI you were in hospital but not for a routine thing?


The last year, on December.

TLT I studied and enjoyed math?