The last time I



The last time I felt proud of me


C’mon! Math are funny!

This month, I don’t remember the day :confused:

The last time I sang a song loud?


An hour ago in my car!

TLT I went on holiday?


Nearly a year ago

TLT you felt bored


Really??? Math are funny??? No,never!!!


The last time I saw a beautiful flower



Been a while, we don’t have anything interesting over here.

LTI annoyed someone?


This is funny:

Try this one. D=3.75 and C=12.07 What will be the value of 5d + g? Maybe @the_termin8r wants to do too.

Yesterday, at work haha.

TLT I brought clothes?


It’s B! :rofl:

On wednesday

TLT I try to learn a new language?


You’re joking right? It’s 30.82.


A) it’s 30.82 b) please upload it somewhere where there will be a fight!! Just to have a good laugh…

On topic:
4 years ago

The last time I was mean and I enjoyed it


Every time LMAO

LTI sacrificed something?


I don’t remember.

The last time I started a fight for fun?


Again, every time. I don’t really see a reason to start a fight for anything else. :joy:


Ahh because you’re bored(?)


That what he said😂 fight for the joy of fight!!!


LTI had an craving for a food I actually hate?


Never or i don’t remember!

The last time I was happy so I began to dance


Today in the afternoon, we were celebrating Mother’s Day here.

TLT I earned a badge?


I got the badge “nice reply” the 6th april.

The last time I did gardening



TLT I cleaned my PC?