The last time I


I do backups regularly, like once a month. Haven’t wiped cleaned it ever though. (Thankfully)

TLTI stayed up really late


Recently, every night, been staying up past 01:00 at the very least.

LTI woke up after 10:00 ?


The last weekend.

The last time I jumped high after hear a song?


Never! I cannot jump over a newspaper!!!

The last time I was feeling sleepy all day



The last time I sang along a song?


Easy all the songs at Mike’s concerts

The last time I was hungry


Right Now.

The Last Time I recorded myself singing?



The last time I wrote a story


Story itself, many moths ago. Write something: The last week.

TLT I ate a bread?



LTI didn’t eat anything for the whole day.


Like 6 weeks ago.

TLT I helped my family in something?



LTI took home left over food?



LTI did ballooning


Like in a hot air balloon? Never

LTI bonked my head on something?


I did yesterday on the bus.

LTI dropped my phone on the floor.


Maybe two month ago. Now I’ve got a new one.

TLT I got emotional watching a movie


Wing mirror?

10 years ago, back when I still had emotions, I shed a single tear at the end of Marley and me.

LTI got game rage?


No, was sitting in the lower deck, in the back and forgot how low it is (plus it was really early and I wanted coffee and my bed) when I got up to get off and banged my head on the roof.


I’ve done that before as well, the bang was so big that half of the people turned around to see what had happened. :joy: