The last time I


Idk… veryyy long!
Lti ate pineapple!


Pineapple? I remember it. I ate one of them when the dinosaurs walked on the Earth jajaja jk, beginning of 2017.

TLT I smiled for a reply?



LTI said something incredibly stupid without thinking it through?


Yesterday. Don’t ask.

TLT I see the sky very colorful?


A couple of days ago on tv :grin:

Last time you went to a concert


Yesterday (well festival)

TLT I fell over in front of someone?


I can’t remember, probably some time in the past 5 or so years.

LTI chocked in public and tried to style it out? :joy:


I don’t remember.

The last time I dreamed with a cat/dog?


Never … I think?

LTI had motivation to get things done?


The last month.

TLT I wash the dishes?


This morning.

The last time I: Played with a sock puppet?


I tried yesterday, but I couldn’t. So, the last year.

The last time I offered someone?


Today, we did an escape game and I offered it to my friend. It was good!

The last time I had a sleepless night?


Last night!

TLT I went on a bus?


Last night.

LTI went on an impromptu trip.


When dinosaur ?! :open_mouth::open_mouth: How old are yoy lol! :joy: Ghost in the house… kidding :kissing_heart::heart:
Hope you doin awessoomee! :smiley:

After seeing all forum replies :joy:[quote=“evooba, post:1219, topic:30010”]
LTI went on an impromptu trip

Road trip. For 6 hrs. It was 2 weeks back. Weekend… Saturday.

Lt you went out with friends!


23, but I feel like if I was 89 XD

What’s that? :confused: Never, I guess.

TLT I hated the politians of my country?


It’s fine . you’ll soon one day! :hugs::hugs: I’ve only one time in my life till now lol

Lol yesterday



Everyday lol

TLTI watched a movie I don’t like?


Whatever the last marvel film was that I saw. No clue how long ago.

LTI was angry for no reason?