The last time I


In real life: September 2017.
In internet: 2 weeks ago.

The last time I translated a song?


Never :sweat_smile:




LTI got injured?


Not that bad just a cut… 4 days ago.
Last time you watched a movie



LTI made a fool of myself?


Today in school.

Last t i listened to music


5 mins ago : Crawling

LTI was unwell?


5 days ago

How are you @alz89 :hugs: how are days goin!

Lti ate non veg


(unwell at the moment so not back at work til Monday…got cabin fever at the moment!! haha you?)

on sunday

LTI went on a bus


(oh! Rest well and get well soon. Fever stays for some days so don’t work much okay :hugs: i am Áwêßómé as always! :heart_eyes::smiley::smiley: Happy happy to be hereee!)

Today afternoon. I go daily.

Lti went on a road trip


Define ‘road trip’.


Minimum 3 hrs travel on car


That’s more like a trip to the shops and back. :joy:

The last time I spent 3h in a car in one stint was maybe a couple of years ago.

LTI flew in a plane?


The last time I flew in a plane was last Summer when my family and I flew to Florida for vacation.

Hold up @the_termin8r, you haven’t spent more than 3 hours in a car for a couple of years? I feel like I travel somewhere by car over 3 hours away like every month or two. Do you just stay close to home or do you prefer to travel by other means?

TLI attended/hosted a party


I love to travel, but up until a couple of months ago I’ve been busy with uni, my dad has been busy with work (we only have one car) and when we do have time, we don’t go far because my mum and sister don’t like long journey despite spending them in a car that is a very good long-distance cruiser. My ideal holiday would be a GT across Europe by car. Also the UK is tiny compared to the US. The instance a year or two ago was when we drove to Germany. The longest I’ve spent in a car in one go was 6h and I was fine.


Dang. I guess its much different than here in the US where you have to travel like 5 hours just to get across one state.


In 5h you could probably make it from London to some part of Scotland here.


Lti ate a fruit


5 Mins ago for breakfast

LTI looked after someone’s pet?


Never. Do you really think anyone would trust me with their pet? :joy:

LTI pissed off a group of people?