The last time I


Lmaooooo!!! :joy: :joy: :joy:

Umm…some years ago… :smirk:

LTI ignore someone?



LT you get drunk



LTI did something stupid? Also what was it? lol


Going to a water park to go swimming with friends and I forgot Sun screen and get 3 degree burns :sweat_smile: last weekend



The other day when I was fixing my bed and I stripped a screw head.

LTI surprised someone with something I did (and I don’t mean like a birthday party or a jump scare)?


Yesterday I took my cousin to get first ever rock concert…

Lti I ate a good burger


Last weekend my family and I were staying at my dad’s friend’s lake house and he cooked us some pretty darn good burgers.

LTI went swimming?


Last month . We rented a budget hotel … It was way too hot for an outdoor swimming pool!

Lti… Went to a fair/amusement park


2 yrs ago

Lti i went for picnic,?


allegedly? 7.5 hours ago :joy:
real… :thinking: couple years ago probably

LTI tried something new


Sooo cool! :joy::joy::smiley:

Todayyy! :heart_eyes::smiley: Writing a poem on a topic which isn’t my style. I never wrote anything aboit the worldly fares. I was told to write on corruption. It took 50 mins. I always had a habit of writing inspiration… i dunno what is wrote is good or not :joy: should i share it here??

Lti ate smthg yummyyyy!


Three days ago

Last time you ate pizza


This past Saturday.

Lty had pineapple


At least one year i think.

The last time you made DIY?


Ahh… Never, I guess :sweat_smile:

TLT I wanted to kidnap someone (?) Jk.





wow abbreviation level over 9000%:sweat_smile:


The Little Things Give You Away


i guess you must be level 9001 :joy:


Jajaja ahh thanks? :upside_down_face: :joy:

This :stuck_out_tongue: