The last time I


Last week.

TLT I sang In The End?


Today when I was playing it on the piano!

TLT I sang in public?


Wasn’t in public but it was with my sister’s boyfriend, myself and my two nieces singing Let It Go from Frozen…

The last time I…inflicted pain on someone… (@framos1792)


Every time I stand up from whatever I’m sitting on.

LTI derped out?


LTI stubbed my toe?


Yesterday. Against a table and it hurt!

LTI listened to Post Traumatic


Ages ago

LTI found a new band?


Almost each f****g day in my IG lol. The last one was 2 days ago.

The last time I listened to a full album in order?


Today, it’s what I usually do.

LTI listened to a playlist?


Like 3 months ago.

The last time I ranted an album?


It’s like me every single day. Yesterday, it was Rammstein and the day before, A Perfect Circle


Spawn soundtrack…at times songs from the 90s can be horrible

last time you ran over your foot? (Yesterday with a jack…it…was…painful)


How do you run your foot over with a jack? Do you have spatulas for feet or something? :joy:

I think I ran my foot over a few of months ago with one of my RC cars (can’t remember which one).

LTI got unreasonably angry at someone over pretty much nothing?



The last time I cursed someone just for fun?


I’m not the only who done it. So silence.

Now @the_termin8r

The last time you watched Nightmare before Christmas


Full? Never. Some fragments? 3-4 years ago.

The last time I helped someone?


A week ago

When’s the last time you ate a carrot cake


The last time was actually the first time, it was a couple of months ago.

LTI ate any cake?


If cupcakes count November 10th
A real cake I can’t remember probably my birthday

LTI I ate something disgusting


I don’t know about food, but I drank some parma violet gin about a week or two ago. That sh*t was vile.

LTI played a board game?