The last time I


April 2018.

TLT I bought a new phone/laptop?


Over the summer I got a new phone.

LTI went to the movies?


To watch a film I wanted to watch? 2008, it was Iron Man 1, otherwise 2012 to watch some fairy film that my sister wanted to see.

LTI took out a book from a library?


Yesterday but I did not read (shame on me).

LTY felt totally ashamed


totally ashamed, never.

LTI read a book?


Right now.

The last time I drank wine?


5 months ago

Last time I ate chocolate?


The day before yesterday… And now I want some!

The last time I stood up for something?


I stood up to get my coffee this morning. :joy:

If you mean in terms of defending something, yesterday, defending my opinion that central London is shit.

LTI didn’t know what I was feeling?



TLT I ate a fruit?


Today. I love fruits :heart:

LTI travelled more than 1000km?


In one go? Probably 16 or so years ago. In a few days, this summer.

LTI went to a different country?


Never :confused:

TLT I was bored?


Right now

LTI wasn’t?


Can’t remember, maybe 3 days ago.

TLT I wanted to kill someone?



You ?


Friday, or any day I’m on public transport.

LTI lost track of time?



Lti got drunk


I don’t drink anyway

LTI checked my phone?


Rn lol.

Lti checked my laptop