The last time I


I’m on my laptop every day, including right now.

LTI got angry at tech?


Last week. My iPad froze when I was on an important level and quite a hard one at that.

LTI got angry at someone?


Today, yesterday, the day before yesterday, the last week and with the same person :roll_eyes:

Tlt I came here after a period of inactivity?

I was here in July, but I disappeared for three weeks then y back and I went out for six weeks until I came back the last week.


Actually yesterday in fact. I wasn’t here yesterday due to being busy with wrapping Christmas presents but I’m back today.

TLT I owned an animal?


Does my brother count as one? :rofl:

10 years ago. My turtle :smile:

TLT I downloaded a game?


The last game was Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy.

LTI watched a film I didn’t like in cinemas?


Never lol.

Lti watched animated movie


On 27th December

LTI I cooked a complete dinner/lunch all by myself? :grin:


Define ‘complete’, if you mean like a full 3-course meal, then never. My family don’t eat like that. If you mean a meal, it was a few months ago.

LTI did something new?


Well, yes…I meant a meal with more than one dish… :slightly_smiling_face:

:thinking: On 31st December

LTI got up early?


When the dinosaurs dominated the world :joy:

Ok, being serious now. Like 2 months ago, maybe.

TLTI helped someone with a family problem?



Shoveled snow?


A couple years ago

Last time I played in the snow


Never :cry:

TLTI shouted at a teacher for any reason?


Never :blush:

TLTI had an allergic reaction?


A few weeks ago.

TLTI drank hot milk?


Hot milk is revolting, I found that out when I was little, so I supposed it was some 17 years ago.

LTI cowboyed something?


Meaning :upside_down_face:

Can’t remember, maybe when I was 7 years.

TLTI applied for a job?



On December

TLTI felt lucky?


Bad lucky? A few hours ago.

Good lucky? The last year.

TLTI I bought new clothes?