The last time I


Sending strenght! :hugs: :hugs:

:thinking: Some moths ago.

TLTI ate pizza?


Oh wow, I really butchered that one :joy:. It’s supposed to say ‘when’.

4 days ago.

LTI went to fix something and only made it worse?


My tablet, right now.

TLTI wanted to destroy a phone/PC/tablet?


What’s up with it?

Whenever I last picked up an apple or W10 played up, can’t remember when, but within the last 2 months.

LTI was proud of myself?


Problems with the wifi, it stops working, etc. Yesterday I had to reset like 5 times because it is responding.

I have to bring it with an expert :confused:


TLTI threw something?


You’re not the only one :sweat_smile:

:thinking: some times ago

TLTI ripped off a sheet?


Can’t remember, maybe the last year.

TLTI I get so upset with a game?


I can’t even remember last time i played a good nice game …months ago yaar.

The last time i got up before 5 am in morning


The past Wednesday.

TLTI slept more than 12 hours?


More than 20 years ago!!

TLTI broke a bone?



The last time I spoke in another language (different from the maternal one and English)?