The last time I



The last time I shouted at someone?


Don’t remember lol

TLTI got shouted by someone?


Idk. We shout a lot during soccer, so I guess Saturday?

LTI took a picture of someone


Earlier this week.

LTI had a pic taken of me?


Last autumn.

LTI went to the zoo?


Over a year ago I think.

LTI went to the beach?


Last summer

LTI went abroad


During the new year holidays, i went to switzerland.

LTI looked at the stars


Almost every night I’d say (love the stars, moon, and clouds the most)

LTI enjoyed myself


Here. Now.

LTI wrote an essay

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years ago :joy:

TLTI heard OML?


its been long… seriously… :sweat_smile:
i guess 4 months

tlti bought a new phone


Before uni started, about 2.5 uears ago.

LTI bought a new computer?


an year ago

lti sent a post to someone.


Right now :joy:

Last time you had a week or longer vacation


Last summer around July. Might be due for another one haha

Last time you had a pizza :pizza:


A few days ago.

TLTI “spammed” the forum?


Right now

Lti slept 12+ hrs


sadly… never lol maybe when I was a baby so in that case like 23 years ago :joy:

The Last Time you jammed out to music for 5+ hrs?

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Dang. I don’t think I’ve ever jammed out that long. I’ve listened to music for probably that long, but while I was working so I wasn’t jamming out.

LTI made a meal for somebody else.