The LPU "Reunion"


Seems like there’s been a bit of a reunion of old-school LPUers here (hopefully a few of us) who found each other on Facebook after we heard the news.

First of all I’d just like to say how lucky I am, that I found a community over 13 years ago now that, despite not having been as connected the last several years, still found each other to make sure we were all okay and to help each other through the loss of someone we all loved so much.

Second, I’d kind of like to take a roll call of our old-school LPUers who are making their comeback to revisit this beautiful community. <3 I rejoined as my old username, the one I had way back in year 4.0 when I was just a little teenager, because as cringey as it is it made sense for me to just use the name I was known by back when I was most active. I was here mostly years 4.0 through 7.0. If you’re coming back to the community now like I am, feel free to post, let me know if you’ve changed your username in the meantime, and hopefully we can get these forums as active as they once were!


I came back too lol I was Krwlng54 back in LPU 1, 2, 3, and 4 :black_heart:
I’m from San Diego, but I’m currently co-hosting a memorial for Chester in L.A on Aug. 6.
I was also in the LPST, first as “temp2970” lol then as Krwlng54 also.


I was gonna say, I don’t remember your username…and then I saw the years you were in. Your last year was the same as my first so we probably didn’t get to cross paths much. XD Welcome back, though! It’s awesome that you were here at the very beginning and part of the street team.


Hey, I’ve started a San Diego memorial for him and it’s gaining traction. It would be nice if you could come.


I’d love to be able to go to one of these memorials. Unfortunately I’m up in Minnesota and don’t really have the funds or the time off work for extra travel right now.


I can’t believe I got my old username back! LPU 1 and 2 this was my name. I changed it to Cassie for LPU 3 and then disappeared. It’s been amazing reconnecting with everyone.


lmao I tried to get my old one back (emo as it was) just for nostalgia’s sake, and I totally could’ve…except I accidentally hit the 3 at the same time as the Enter key when setting my username so it’s now got an extra digit at the end and I literally didn’t notice that until just now. OOPS.


I still have my stuff when I officially joined the LPU back in May of 02. The newsletters we’d get


I just got back on LPU today! Joined the first time LPU2 been away for Along time nog! Back now and not leaving!


I gave all My tvings to My brother… including things I got as a street team captain. Now he has lost everything…:disappointed: