The Message tribute


#RipChester #MakeChesterProud #fuckdepression


It’s really beautiful :heart: :broken_heart:
I feel your love and positivity in the end, I love it and it made me cry :heart:


Ohh thank you to much. I’m glad you enjoyed it and I hope we pass this strenght to you and to them :slight_smile: :yellow_heart:


This is so touching and beautiful that u did this
I show that u love hem as well everyone else in the world that love chester and linkin park


You from Lp family are the best people. Thank you to much :yellow_heart::heart_eyes: :slight_smile:



It so touching that every linkin park fan did a tribute to linkin park and chester. It touches my heart that someone do something for them. Im going to try to get people together that love chester and linkin park to do something here where i live.


Do it! It’s a touching experience. I became friend of these people and it’s amazing. I don’t know if the guys saw it, but it was very emotional to do :heart::heart::heart: