The Messenger Lyric Video for Chester's Birthday


It’s here.

What are you doing right now?
Random Thoughts Thread: The Reunion

Yaaay!! Nice idea!!thank you in advance @NickGr !! :sun_with_face: :hugs: :heart_eyes: aaand…seems I’m the first one to tag you… :grin:


@NickGr brilliant again! I would love to participate! Thank you for doing this


@NickGr I’m in. That image of love is gonna kill me though.


I’m in too!


Okay then !
@lpfan61 - your line is “ when you feel you’re alone
@AJ_7 - your line is “cut off from this cruel world
@the_termin8r - your line is “your instincts telling you to run” (special for you :joy:)
@framos1792 - your line is “Listen to your heart


Yaay!I’ll do asap! :grin: :heart_eyes:


I’ve got an idea for a 2 in 1 type thing for my line though I’m not sure it will work.


@NickGr This is amazing. I’m in if you still have lines!


Count me in :grin:
Which line do I get?


Of course I’m in @NickGr Been in for like a week already now :joy: :blue_heart:


I am in too great idea @NickGr


@Nick I’m in it! What line wiil I have?


Alright guys
@turners34 — your line is “Those angel voices
@IronSoldier16 — your line is “They’ll sing to you
@chigokurosaki — your line is “They’ll be your guide
@melisLP — your line is “Back home
@rickvanmeijel — your line is “When life leaves us blind


@NickGr count me in :slight_smile:


Count us in @NickGr :raising_hand_woman:t2:‍♀️ :raising_hand_man:t3: :raising_hand_man:t3:


Great idea - :heart_eyes: @NickGr :clap:t2: Can I may get the line: you‘re growing desperate from this fight- please??!! :muscle:t2: Or- if it goes line by line - then : love keeps us kind?!


Sure thing sis ! :hugs:


Awwww- thanx bro :hugs: - I am really touched rn and I know it will be epic! :heart:


@NickGr I would love to participate if lines are still available? Can I also request a line for @zenataylor? She is in NZ and it’s midnight there so don’t want her to miss out :pray:
Thanks again