The MICRO - MACRO game


It’s not like a glass vase or pipe maybe? :sweat_smile:


Is it a painting/drawing??


Oh - you guys go for it? I was about to post sth new- but ok… @framos1792 no - @lpfan61 good guess dear- it’s near…


See guys! It’s not so difficult to guess! :stuck_out_tongue:
Ok,I’ll think better :grin:


A picture of you in a corn field :smiley:


An embroided art piece?
Ceramic art piece?
Wood art piece?

Art piece!!! Trolloooloololllll!! :joy: :joy: :joy:

EDIT: a puzzle??


A postcard?


:joy::joy::joy: and we have a winner :tada::tada: yaay @framos1792 :rofl: noo- just kidding but the guess literally rofls me- and second place for making my stomach ache is :tada::tada: @lpfan61- because you got it! :joy::joy: it’s a PIECE :joy::joy::joy: … thanx for guessing- I love you crazy guys - and still lmao… btw it was a brush

You go @lpfan61 since you were closest :blush:


Oh wow! :joy: I’ll come with something asap :grin:


Hahaha yep :rofl:


:sweat_smile: it was an honest guess :cry::joy:
I could even see the hand :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue:


This is why I fear being forced to do those Rorschach’s tests with the ink blots :flushed: Im afraid of my own answers :grin:


And now I must call the ambulance :joy: - because now I’m dying :rofl::rofl: ( its no offense but I took it as an absolute cool absurd guess - just because the pic is so blurred- and I tried to make it out - but even with your marking I can’t see a cornfied :sweat_smile: - and don’t be afraid about the inkdot pics - cause you have one of the most caring, heartly and warm souls that I ever met in life- so keep on guessing- and share the results with us @framos1792 :hugs::yellow_heart::sunny:️)


Do you guys call paint brushes piece over there?


Ehhm ( 2) :joy: that was a joke :rofl::crazy_face:- omg I’m so out of rationality today - laughing the whole time myself while nobody seems to get my jokes :rofl:


I think it’s veeeeery easy! :grin:


Sneakers? …


Lol :joy: I said it was easy…


Loool :joy::joy: coming up with sth tomorrow-


Sorry guys… when somebody likes to go… feel free- otherwise I’ll come up with something asap


Ok i go!