The MICRO - MACRO game


No, think a lot smaller. I didn’t think this would be this hard.


A mint is a bon bon over there? Makes me wonder just how many things are actually different after all.


Bonbon is just a general term for a sweet. You lot are the ones that take pleasure in the butchering of languages and cultures. :joy:


Don’t blame me, I’m not the typical American who goes along with everything that happens here. :stuck_out_tongue:


Clue: There’s a meme revolving around it.


c’mon!! ive some nice clue so that even a lost person like me can get something! uf!

is it an edible? or… floor tile…?


Not a floor tile. This is going to probably give it away, but it’s edible in a sense.


A tide pod.

The pic doesn’t look like one but it fits all the clues


Lmao that answer is awesome :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s a three letter word


Dang. You know it?

I’m a meme lord, this should be easy for me. Is it a current meme?


Not a tide pod. It is indeed a 3 letter word. There is a specific number associated with it. The meme isn’t that big anymore.


This is a hard one…


Good. I’ve actually done this one before but in another form. :stuck_out_tongue:


:joy: the number is the brand? :joy:


I know you know what it is, but yes (I pretty much gave the answer there).


There’s different numbers that could be associated :sweat_smile: well I can think of two… I’m trying to help :roll_eyes:


2? Not really, perhaps you’re not as close as I thought.


ive still got no idea!!


3 guesses left.


No I mean there’s two different brands that I know of that has a number associated with it

One of them might be just here in US
:thought_balloon: pop