The MICRO - MACRO game


Now I don’t want to see the original photo… :see_no_evil:

It seems cork to me too… hope it is…


Are you seriously this terrified of spiders?


Aheeeeam… yup… :see_no_evil: really I still call mommy or whoever else to kill them for me… :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: especially if they appear suddenly… :see_no_evil:


But why? Where does it stem from and why not try to get over it?


From where I was a lil kid and one big black scary awful spidy thing was running on my blanket…with me under the blanket… :see_no_evil: :scream: :sob:

If you have advices I’m glad to hear… :sweat_smile:


LMAO :joy:

My advice is get used to being around them until you’re indifferent to their presence. Unless they’re lethal, then obviously run.


Well in Italy there are few lethal species from what I know…
:thinking: If I don’t die before "getting used"to them… :joy:

Serious q: @DavidZinssler what do you find in them?? Why do you have them as pet?? (If I can know… :sweat_smile: )


Because they’re quite impressive as creatures. Also far easier to own than a dog or a cat.


Get a no-lethal spider as a pet. :grin:


A tan brick maybe?

I might have been cruel to my little brother as a kid :no_mouth: he was scared of vacuum for some reason so one day I corraled him in a corner using chairs and turned on the vacuum right next to him :zipper_mouth_face: the bright side is he lost his fear :roll_eyes: I just might’ve gotten a licking for it :joy:
Problem fixed in less than 1/2 hour :joy:

Hey @lpfan61 :thinking: what’s in that corner right there? :hushed: go check while I grab a couple chairs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Scared of it? How come? I persoanlly loathe the sound to the point where I can’t be in the house when someone is using it. That’s the one chore I will never do.


I’m not exactly sure, this was…12-13 years ago maybe :confused: he was like 2 or 3 at the time
I just remember he’d run from the room the second he would see it and cry if he had to stay in there
Lol to live by the broom will be a hard life bro


O M G !! :scream: you want to kill me by heart attack!!!? :sob: :scream:
Poor lil brother… :frowning: but if it was useful… :sweat_smile: but you’re cruel! :sweat_smile:
Stay away from me!!! :joy:


I remember being terrified of getting a haircut at the barber when I was maybe 2 or 3. Ended up having my grandma do it in the kitchen sink lol. I think I finally got over the fear around age 4 when we found a place I liked. lol


You can always smash the spider with something. You’re a lot bigger than they are you know, it just takes one good hit and they’re done for. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sounds Strange but they look awesome, ar least some of them.
I also think it is something to educate myself, trying to see how different species if animals act and Live


Umm…ok… thanks for replying… :sweat_smile:


Were any of us correct with our guesses?


its something made from cork


A tablemat?