The MICRO - MACRO game


A bulletin board?


The bottom of one of ur terrariums… how many guesses have been guessed already? After the 10th guess you must solve… @DavidZinssler


Sorry guys it is one of those things you put under a pan


@DavidZinssler aww I wanted to see a picture of it :joy:


Who goes?


You. :joy:


:joy:… ok, here we go:

Should be easy…


Really? You’re going to give me this as something to guess? :joy: I know exactly what it is, but don’t want to go next. You should have zoomed in more. :stuck_out_tongue:


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I just wanted to make the game go again… I knew it would be easy- at least for you :wink: :joy:


Ok, so since nobody is going I’ll say it. It’s an LED strip…obviously. Judging by the fact that they’re RGB LEDs, I’d say it’s for ambient lighting, my first thought would have been on the side of a TV, but the wood would suggest otherwise, so I’m guessing in the kitchen or a bedroom.


Perfect :ok_hand:t2: good job 100% fitting- it’s in my bedroom :+1:t2: So you were right and must unfortunately GO NEXT :laughing:


Keep it child rated in here :scream:
Kidding :joy::ghost:


Go ahead @the_termin8r ! :smiley:



I can see it’s all iron lol.
Is it a tool?.


Not a tool, I don’t think it’s iron, maybe aluminium or an alloy of some kind.


Clue: It fits in your palm.


Its not one of those things you squeeze that makes your arms stronger is it? Idk what its called but its for working out.


Do you seriously take me as somebody who works out? I’ve never once willingly done exercise in my entire life. :joy: It’s smaller than that, you can close your entire palm around it.


Anyone can start though lol