The My Cookie Thread


Wrong again…I am here…my cookie


You were here :stuck_out_tongue: my cookie.


I’m tired and hungry!!want to have a delicious cookie after dinner! My cookie!!


But you didn’t ask me for it, so I’ll take it back. Please sister give me the cookie.

takes the cookie

My cookie.



please give me the cookie…I need it…

My cookie! :rofl:


I can’t, as your younger brother my duty is annoying you. So I steal the cookie!

My cookie :stuck_out_tongue:


Where is the unicorn?!

When you’re searching it, I take my cookie! :heart_eyes:


I found it!!but I won’t reveal it… so @IronSoldier16 would’t have it… muahahaha! :joy: :crazy_face: :rofl: so that’s MY UNICORN!! Yaaay!! :heart_eyes: :grin:




:scream: noooooo!!! Now all would steal it to me! :sob: it’s miiineee!! :yum:


Thanks to @the_termin8r, my dear sister dropped the cookie and I can take it back. My cookie!


But I gift you the unicorn cake and take back my cookie :cookie:


Unicorn cakes don’t work with me. I take my cookie back :wink:


Ok, so I give you McDonald’s instead and take my cookie :cookie: :joy:


I’m not @NickGr it isn’t working to you jaja

It still being my cookie.


While you enjoy being the winner of the cookie until now and realize you are soldier of the week (grats btw :hugs:) you can’t resist the impulse of making a song of joy- but you need both hands for playing the piano :laughing: - that’s when I silently leave the corner where I’ve been hiding for hours now and steal it again -

MY COOKIE :cookie: :stuck_out_tongue:


Excellent move, but! I gave my keyboard to my brother 3 days ago, therefore I didn’t create my joy song and the cookie is still mine. My cookie.


Ahh, but you do continue to work on more lyrics, plenty of time for me to take my cookie :cookie:


No, I’m taking a break, so let me take this back. My cookie :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahh, but with the 200th post I will take back the cookie in progress of killing this thread as well, my cookie :cookie: