The My Cookie Thread


Ahh, nice one, but grandsons horrible part ruined it, and I take back my cookie :cookie:


i play crossing a line Charles ( @chigokurosaki) you click play and I take back MY COOKIE


I got you with this catchie song so it is


I don’t watch Pokemon,so I take back MY COOKIE!


Ahh, but we tie you to a chair and make you watch, only the old 90s episodes though, new crap is garbage lol, and then after youre traumatised from watching so much, @DavidZinssler and @Lilyope must take you away, meanwhile I take back my cookie :cookie:


T h i s :flushed: it’s possible… :scream: :speak_no_evil:

Buuuut I regained strenght and grab the cookie from behind so you didn’t realize I’m taking back MY COOKIE!


Hmm…but are you sure you took the real cookie? Or was it just an illusion and I still have it all this time :joy: my cookie :cookie:


Mike did a interview

My cookie


But I don’t watch very many interviews or videos myself, so its still my cookie :cookie:


While you’re wondering whether you should do what is told in the video, I take my cookie



While Mike is busy killing you, I take back my cookie :cookie:



When you’re thinking about which bottle of ketchup you want to choose (little or big one, the first or the third one…), it becomes my cookie! :cookie:



As Mike is shoving the largest ketchup bottle he could find in your face, I take my cookie.


But as the unicorns come in and eat all the ketchup, I take back my cookie :cookie:


But now you have to clean the chaos made by the crazy unicorns… so while you’re doing it I’m grabbing the cookie and it’s MY COOKIE! :crazy_face:


I emrge from my extended silence, as you stand there in awe (not knowing where I came from) I grab MY COOKIE!


I hit you in the head with a shovel and put your body into a hole, while I leave you there I will take my cookie.


You’re cruel! :scream: where’s my sweet lil brother??! :anguished:
While you’re looking for him I take back MY COOKIE!! :grin:


He is vomiting rainbows, go for him and take care of him. While you do that I take my cookie


Uummm… :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: what did you eat??? :frowning: while you’re thinking of a GOOOOD excuse I’ll take MY COOKIE! :face_with_monocle: