The My Cookie Thread


No need to think. You already know it: unicorns.

While you get sick for my reply I’ll take my cookie back.


:scream: :sneezing_face: :ghost: I just fainted… you can’t leave me alone…while you’re taking care of me I suddenly wake up, take the cookie and run away at full speed! :smirk: MY COOKIE!


But you forgot your Oreos and unicorns, so you have to come back and make a deal with me: your unicorns for my cookie.

While you take a choice, I take the cookie.


:scream: :thinking: :thinking: :exploding_head:
I can’t choose!!! :sob: :sob: :sob:
While you’re trying to comfort me…I’ll take back MY COOKIE!


And while you guys are debating on this matter, I take both my unicorn and my cookie :cookie:


Actually I don’t need to discuss.

While you try to understand my recently change of mood I steal my cookie.


Seriously… :flushed: where’s my lil brother?? :frowning: :cry:
Can’t let you alone… going to your side…
Aaaand taking back my cookie :grin:


How can you say where is your bro, when you come next to me just to take a cookie?!

You must think about this bad example you’re giving me as older sister. Let me take this cookie, please? :smile:

My cookie


:speak_no_evil: :see_no_evil: upsie!! I’m soooorry!Really… :cry: sooo can I have MY COOKIE back?? :blush:


Yeah, why not. I give you back the cookie.


Awwwww!!! Sooooo niceeee!! :blush: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


That is @lpfan61 until John here comes in and takes all your Oreos, while you are trying to get them back, I slip away with my cookie :cookie:


I wave and say hi. This surprises you because you don’t expect to see me here. You drop the cookie. I take my cookie


It’s my day off and I finally have time (so I kind of deserve the cookie) so… I just take it. My cookie!


So quiet in here…seems everybody is asleep or busy…my chance to take MY COOKIE! :grin:


And here I come out of the shadows again to reclaim my cookie.


Michael said it:

“Something evil is lurkin from the daaaaark” so here I am stealing My Cookie


I sneak in and leave And I take my cookie


While you’re mesmerized by the performance of Boris and Miss Oatmeal the sock, I take my cookie.


Boris disappeared! :speak_no_evil: Go find him! And my chance to take back MY COOKIE!