The My Cookie Thread


Somebody is busy trying to steal my unicorn, so I take back my cookie :cookie:


I just took back MY stuff to loose another… :scream: :frowning:

putting my unicorn in cage…
going back to grab the cookie… MY COOKIE!


When you are trying on a beautiful hat like she’s doing:

I take my cookie! :grin:


Night my side,so I don’t need a hat rn… so I give it to you and take back MY COOKIE!


So you can’t wear a hat in the dark? While you answer, I take back my cookie


Oh wow, have you listened to Mike’s new album yet? Have you gone out and bought it? I’ve been listening to it all day and I can’t get enough of it. What’s your favorite track? I cannot choose, I find all songs amazing and I think I’ll be listening to it forever and ever until the end of time. Oh yes! How about you?

While you think about this, I take my cookie.


I distract you with mimosa drink and take away the cookie :joy:



Yes!yeees! You can’t resist and go grab your favourite flavour ice cream!! :yum:
Meantime…my chance to take MY COOKIE!



But you are now distracted by all the Oreos, and while you are busy taking them all, I take my cookie :cookie:


Wow! Look at all these hotdogs running wild and free!

And while you look I take my cookie.


Mike seems to be updating us a bit on twitter/instagram

While you check, I take my cookie


When you’re searching your favourite pokemon, I take my cookie! :heart_eyes:


But I hate anime, your distraction is futile, and I walk away with my cookie.


Mike is annoyed. And I take my cookie


POKEMON!!! :heart:


Fool! You walked straight into the trap. :joy:


Didn’t know Pokemon was so popular here


This is for you guys

Unless your Rob, which case you get this instead :joy:


And unless your @gatsie so you can have this

As if I really have to say it, my cookie :cookie:


These pics hurt my eyes.


Beeb playing Pokemon since I was a kid and now I’m playing Pokemon Go so… yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s nothing interesting to me so I take MY COOKIE! :stuck_out_tongue: