The My Cookie Thread


I take back mine and yours too :joy:


I’ll throw you a bone.
You catch it.
I take my cookie.


It’s been 6 days, since no one is here and you probably forgot about the cookie, I take my cookie


youre alone in this empty room…scared what could happen…while you are crying i steal MY COOKIE


I don’t cry, also I seek dark, cold, empty rooms. Most of the time I try to get that sort of atmosphere in my room.


It’s too dark for you to see so I steal my cookie



Look at this super large ice cream?! Do you want it?!

When you grab the ice cream, i take my cookie!


:joy::joy::joy: Don’t say the ice cream was for me! :joy:

Don’t worry. I’ll let you have the ice cream while i steal away my cookie… :cookie: :laughing:


I feel like taking my cookie.


And i feel like taking it from you back


Guys are busy with the “no-sleep” challenge so while you’re at it I take MY COOKIE!


You realise you just alerted them to it right? While I explain this to you, I take my cookie.


What’s this no sleep challenge?!!

While you explain this to me i take my cookie :cookie:


Bat @framos1792 and @IronSoldier16 made a bet for who can resisist more without sleeping… :crazy_face: they both reached 41 hours without sleeping!!! :exploding_head:
@chigokurosaki was part of the bet first but he gave up after 5 min… lol :grin: while I categoricaly refused to accept it!! :crazy_face:

While you’re busy reading my explanation I take back MY COOKIE!


Oh my! 41 hours! I can just go till 20… every day goes soo damn tiring that i slee0 in minutes when i go to bed!

Ah, i told you this… enough now i take back my cookie… i am hungry :sleepy:


@Honey8 :honeybee: is busy so I give her a recharging sunshiny hug :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs:

My chance to steal the cookie…muahaha MY COOKIE! :grin:


@lpfan61 is busy with sunshiny recharging hugs so I have time to steal the cookie. Now its my cookie!


You catch on quick lol, @lpfan61’s hugs are contagious, be careful or she’ll pull you in too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: while you try to avoid the hug, I take my cookie



@chigokurosaki don’t scare our soldiers! :joy: :joy:
@anjasteidl special sunny hugs to youuuu!! :blush: :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs: :grin:

Aaand MY COOKIE! :grin:


@lpfan61 Sunny hugs baaack but I’m also taking MY COOKIE