The My Cookie Thread


When you’re doing a Hawaii dance with Stitch, I take my cookie!


Since everybody seems relaxing or enjoying holidays, I have the chance to take MY COOKIE!! :grin:


Think again. My cookie.


I’m still here…so my cookie


I’m never here so k just grab my cookie and run out again


But, you’re an onion and don’t have hands. My cookie


Oh my gosh :scream: you too now? Harley! :triumph: I grab your bat and raise it up so you don’t reach it and while you’re trying I take my cookie :triumph:



A monkey lets out a burning fart on you. And while the stench overwhelms you, I have taken my cookie.



Look at this unicorn! Surprised yes?
Meantime I grab my cookie!


You guys have eaten a loot of cookiess; 200+ !

My time to grab my cookie!


My unicorn is hungry so I come to grab MY COOKIE! :grin:


Did it already eat your Oreos? While you buy more I take my cookie.


Let me hand you a fortune cookie: :fortune_cookie:
Do you feel lucky?

Meanwhile, I take my cookie :cookie:


I ate the fortune cookie and it says I have a lucky chance to get the cookie back! MY COOKIE!! :grin:


Here, have your own box of oreos! I steal back my cookie.


Ok! I ate all the oreos and it’s time to get back my cookie! :grin:


That’s great! Now here, look at this hypnotoad:

And why thank you, for voluntarily handing me my cookie :cookie: :smiley:


Gaspy, where have you been ;-;


I’ve gone to far away places and tried strange tastes :smiley:


While you two are chatting, I have my chance to take back MY COOKIE! :grin: