The My Cookie Thread


Seems nobody wants it, I suppose it’s my cookie.


No way, IT is my cookie :cookie:


Go fix your autocorrect and give me my cookie.


But, IT is still my cookie :cookie::cookie:


As you two can’t share a cookie, I take it away. My cookie.


I need the cookie for a sweet break, MY COOKIE! :grin:


Your sweet break is over :stuck_out_tongue: my cookie.


It’s night here… I can’t sleep without MY COOKIE!


Seems everyone here has either fallen asleep or died, you know what that means. My cookie!


What the f************ is this?


A game where the only objective is steal the cookies, @the_termin8r will explain it to you :wink:

And while he does, I’ll take my cookies.


Dafuq do I have to explain it for? I’m taking back my cookie.


And… I take my cookie


Did you guys ate my cookie when i was lost? :eyes:

If not then i am sure @NoireXJasper did :joy:


“Literally”, I’m still holding it until now :joy:


Oh yeah! I’ll take it back!
Takes cookie and goes home

Edit : @NoireXJasper don’t think much :stuck_out_tongue: mistakes happen


I thought you give those things like I’m on an apocalypse to survive in a dead place.

I am sure you’ll take your Unicorn back from me too so I’ll take the cookie back from you. :stuck_out_tongue:


Have both lol. :blush: See ya soon! Have a good evening there! :heartpulse:


(lets Livi fart on cookie)
(gives cookie to @framos1792)


Awww, that’s so nice you guys, that you think you can be generous with my cookie. But… Since IT is my cookie, I will now take back my cookie.