The My Cookie Thread


Me relaxing… why not have a cookie??! :grin: Yes!! MY COOKIE! :yum:


But yes thank you, I would like my cookie :crazy_face:


Initially I read the sentence in which you tagged me so I was like awww she’s being sweet giving me the cookie :relieved:
Then I looked up :expressionless::unamused:
So I think @gatsie can keep THAT cookie :yum:
(My bad :joy: I’m rusty on the keyboard apparently :hushed:)


Thanks! I will indeed keep my cookie :crazy_face:


You have spent a week with it, you can’t have it. My cookie.


A whole week with my cookie and suddenly now it was gone for 12 hours.
I mean, just look at this cookie, so nice! So…


I take back my cookie.


it’s christmas time- biggest cookies attack of the year- and since I haven’t baken this year - I just come around and get

MY COOKIE :cookie:

back :grin:


When you’re busy with the last days of the year, i take my cookie. :grin:


Yes!! I am a busy bee :honeybee: i know that! But i came here on the last day of the year just to take my cookie!!


Awww! Here’s dear,loooots of sunshiny hugs!! :sun_with_face: :hugs: :sun_with_face: :hugs: :sun_with_face: :hugs:

My chance to take back MY COOKIE! :stuck_out_tongue:


While you sleep, I’ll take my cookie :stuck_out_tongue:


While YOU sleep I take

MY COOKIE ( that can go on forever now :joy:)


Let me change it :wink:

Since you are too busy drinking your coffee, I’ll take back my cookie.


Want a cookie before going to sleep… sooo :yum: MY COOKIE! :grin:


Yeah… So I Will now again take my cookie. :cookie:


Think it again :stuck_out_tongue:
My cookie.


You think again! Go eat something while I grab the cookie as after dinner sweet… MY COOKIE! :yum:


I already did, so give me back my cookie.


Ok,time for you to work or do stuff or whatever… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
No worries! I’ll take care of MY COOKIE!


It can wait, my cookie