The My Cookie Thread


Haha, she would be more than happy to take a bone crusher from me, and vise versa, and while she traps you in one as well, I take **my cookie :cookie: :joy:


As she isn’t here, I’ll take back my cookie :stuck_out_tongue:


While you guys are sleeping, I grab my cookie!


I won’t sleep because I drank coffee and I’m studying maths, so I’ll take my cookie :wink:


My cookie because I wake up super early before you guys


But didn’t follow the rules, so it’s still being my cookie.


I’m hungry rn and I need cookies with my coffee!! :yum: :yum: My cookie!


While you make your coffee, you set the cookie on the table, and I take it from you. My cookie!


You’re too busy reading Mike’s interview so I grab the cookie from you. My cookie!


I offer to trade you 2 other cookies that you can actually eat for this one that you can’t. You cave and give me my cookie.


You misread the instructions, there cannot be more than one cookie. I take my cookie back. My cookie (@evooba good one! I knew it was meant to be a distraction but I caved :joy: )


I’m not cloning it, I’m offering other cookies.

Mind you, all of us are really stupid, we’re fighting over a cookie we can’t even eat. That is why I win by going to a shop and buying all the cookies I want. I have woken up and broken the cycle.

Game over.


hahaha! Nice one! but since you forfeit, I take My cookie back. My cookie


Fine by me, you keep feeding the machine…


While you’re listening to that song I steal the cookie and that’s MY COOKIE! :grin:


You guys are too busy with work/school so since I am on my break I take back my cookie!


Break ended and you’re tired from work…get a good rest!while I take MY COOKIE! :stuck_out_tongue:


But soon it will be time for you to sleep and when go to sleep I take back my cookie


Not quite, me and @lpfan61 don’t really sleep so it will be a back and forth exchange throughout the night of what is essentially my cookie!


It would be a one on one lol… :joy: for now it’s my cookie!