The My Unicorn Thread


You have already too many unicorns. I’ll take Pedrito with me :stuck_out_tongue:

My unicorn.


The unicorn got bored of you and came back here, my unicorn.


Jajajaja he’d prefer to die before go with you :stuck_out_tongue:
My unicorn


Lmao look who’s talking, both of you are boring! Unis come with me :smiling_imp::ghost:


Just to hit you in your onion face :stuck_out_tongue:

They come back with me

My unicorn.


Both of you just suck, alright, so my unicorn


The unicorn can’t stop laughing at your bs so he comes with me :rofl:
My uni


They don’t want any of you.

My unicorns :stuck_out_tongue:


No, they don’t want to eat me, they just want mah looooov
My unis :relieved:


No! They want to you again!

Stop stealing my unicorn!


Apparently it’s still mine muahahahahahahaha


Why? Are you ok?


Yep especially because the unit is still with me :rofl::rofl:


The unit? What the heck? Jajajajaja you higher man! thanks for being here again :’)

As you too high to keep him safe, I’ll take him with me.

My unicorn


:rofl: mayyyyybe I’m a little high but off being here :crazy_face: it’s good to be here with you guys :grin:

While you turn into a care bear, I take my unicorn and leave :joy:


I’m not @chigokurosaki so Pedrito stays with me :stuck_out_tongue:

My unicorn.


He rubbed it off on you so now you are! My unis!


That doesn’t have any sense! Jajaja

He’s still my unicorn.


I take Pedrito and take him to Italy and France, he’s no longer with either of you, my unicorn.


You forgot him in the airport, I went there to take of him. My unicorn.