The My Unicorn Thread


The immigraaaationnnnn! :notes::notes: just caught youuuu, start running or trump will catch you fooooo!

While you run, my uní :rofl:


He’s after you then :stuck_out_tongue: my unicorn


I have my Visa and my passport :stuck_out_tongue:
My unicorn


Shit! I guess it’s me that has to run! I grab my uní and get the HELL OUT OF HERE :scream::crazy_face:


He’d throw me under the bus too though once he hears me talk about America.


You fall for the stairways. You have to go the hospital now.

My unicorn.


My uno is my legal representative so he has to stay with me in jail :joy: my uní


Your uno? Ok jajajajaja have fun in prison (no literally)

My unicorn.


Haber? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

While you correct your post I steal my uni


I already did it :stuck_out_tongue:
My unicorn


Ahhhh dang it, while you relax thinking you’re done, I take my uni


I’m not relaxing myself… :upside_down_face:

My unicorn.


Then I’ll use the bat so that you relax and fall asleep :joy: nowww it’s my uní :crazy_face:


You took the wrong bat :stuck_out_tongue:

Pedrito is still my unicorn.


Pedrito has neeever been yours!!! :sob::sob::sob::sob:


He’s with me now :smile: but don’t worry, tomorrow my sister @lpfan61 will have him, and no, you can’t take him away from her of any way.


She will give him to me willingly because I’m her favorite over you :relieved::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


She can’t. If she wants him, she can’t give him to you, that’s the only condition.


:anguished: you never put conditions on giftssss :scream:
She’s gonna whoop your butt :joy:

While she does, my uní!


She can’t! She’s my dear sister, so her duty is teach me how to be more good and less evil, if she doesn’t fitful (cumple) with her responsibilities, then I’ll keep being a bad influence.