The My Unicorn Thread


@IronSoldier16 ate all unicorns.

So how can be yours?


Lol, you can’t possibly eat the Unicorn because the rules state that the Unicorn must be here at all times, he must have ate its siblings :joy: While I explain the rules, you know what comes next, my unicorn :unicorn:


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :unamused: he can’t!! :sob:

See @chigokurosaki 's post…
While you’re doing that I take back MY UNICORN! :blush:

slowly grabbing my unicorn…


@chigokurosaki, @lpfan61 challenge accepted. Just let me bring my crowbar and my cookies, and 1 hour. Then we’ll see who is who can’t eat all of them :wink:

Meanwhile you try to avoid that I reach them, I’ll start to steal them. My unicornS


Seems you busy,no time to take care of the unicorn…no problem at all! I take back MY UNICORN! :grin:


Oohooo good to see all unicorns back and playing here in the thread. No eating unicorns. My unicorns! :stuck_out_tongue:


And as the creator of the unicorns and lollipops rule in the last letter game, I hereby take back my unicorn :unicorn:


SOMEBODY is busy in other threads…so I just take back MY UNICORN! :grin:


Somebody locked the poor unicorn in a cage, so I take the key and set it free, taking back my unicorn :unicorn:


:scream: it was just a moment! I can’t get distracted for a second that I loose something of my property!! :sob: :unamused:

While you’re trying to hide the key from me, I take back MY UNICORN!


But the Unicorn needs plenty of love, so I take him back, and I’ll revive Gaston just for you, you take him instead and I take my unicorn :unicorn:


:speak_no_evil: :scream: :crazy_face: I don’t know what to take now: my cookie,my unicorn or my Gaston?? :see_no_evil: difficult… :thinking: :exploding_head: While you help me decide, I take back MY UNICORN…for now…lol


I help you decide now, you take the cookie and Gaston and I take my unicorn :unicorn:


No no! I take Gaston and MY UNICORN and you take the cookie…


Why do you make this difficult? I am trying to negotiate with you on this. But since you don’t want to be fair, I guess I’ll just have to forcefully take back the unicorn, so I have Gaston restrain you and I take the unicorn and leave, leaving you with him and the cookie, my unicorn :unicorn:


:speak_no_evil: Now I have to explain to my boyfriend why I am with the cookie and Gaston… :see_no_evil: you can’t leave me alone!(right??!) So come help me and while you’re aheeam debating with the 3 of them I grab MY UNICORN :laughing: :speak_no_evil: (bring an advocate with you… :joy: )


And the unicorn (that was kept secret from @IronSoldier16) came back to me, I guess you weren’t paying enough attention to it @lpfan61, it was lonely and came back to me so, my unicorn :unicorn:


But that’s a fake one, the real one it’s in my stomach jaja JK the real one is hidden in a secret place which location is just known by me and there is nothing you can do to make me speak :wink:


spy mode on
I’ll come to your home when you are out and will search it… don’t worry i am good with this work. I am sure I’ll find it :sunglasses: my unicorn :unicorn: